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Get Up – Grensta x Elevator Musik

Spontaneity gives birth to some of the biggest moments in music history.  Oftentimes it is the reason behind some of our favorite tracks, newest inspirations and latest discoveries. As of late, I have been feeling a tad jaded, at least musically (having finally played out the Bieb’s Purpose album :P) until a couple weeks ago when a friend sent me a seemingly inconspicuous Soundcloud file entitled ‘Get Up,’ the brainchild of underground, gritty, house-techno producers GRENSTA and ELEVATOR MUSIK.

An impromptu text message from co-producer Elevator Musik to fellow collaborator Grensta sparked the creation of ‘Get Up’.

On its inception, Elevator Musik recalls “It all started with me messing around with a bassline on my moog synthesizer then I added some tweaked vocals and it just became the track… I sent it to Ryan (Grensta) for a feedback because we have been friends for a while and he was super pumped on it. He asked to collab and we finished it in a couple days.

The result? A grimy, booty-shaking, pure house track that’s sure to inspire its audience to GET UP, and find the nearest wall to twerk on.  Reminiscent of something you would hear off Dirtybird, Grensta and Elevator Musik’s inaugural foray into the scene is sure to thrill a wide fanbase, and leave everyone waiting for more.

The producers themselves? Both fresh and hailing from NorCal, these two friends are just beginning to leave their mark on the resurgent house music scene. Winner of Insomniac’s Discovery Project in 2015, Grensta shows no signs of slowing down in the coming year. Expect a lot more from Grensta, whose Soundcloud already boasts a slew of original tracks, remixes and mixes.

Elevator Musik, on the other hand, is an enigma as of late. Recently emerging on the scene, ‘Get Up’ is the first release from this mysterious artist. If ‘Get Up’ is any indication of what to expect from Elevator Musik, I think it’s safe to say we will see epic things coming from this artist — hopefully sooner than later 😉

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<center><strong>Stay Connected: Elevator Musik </strong></center><center><a href=”“>Soundcloud</a> | <a href=”“>Facebook</a> | <a href=”“>Twitter</a>